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                    Welcome To MGP CUSTOMS 
             Home of the 358 MGP the Best All around Hunting Round
                                        for the AR15 Platform.
   There are other 35 Cal wildcats out there but why get stuck with custom
   bolts and barrel extensions etc. that are not Available.
   The 358 MGP uses standard 6.8 SPC  Parts Only a modification to the
   Magazine is needed and even with the modification they still function with
   your 6.8 SPC. 
                        Give the 358 MGP a try you will be Happy you did.
                 Barrel and Die Sets Special Order Only At This Time
                      Orders are Running 10 Weeks as of 2/9/2018
            Barrel Length and Contours to your Specs within safety Limits
 Check out my 358MGP page for more info or email me if you have any questions. 
                        Also check out the internet links page for forums with info on the 358 MGP

            *Check out the gallery to see what a 9mm 115gr FMJ Bullet will do @  2815fps*

                                                    *Update 10/6/2014*
  *Another 358 MGP owner has the Hornady 200gr FTX up to 2369fps/2492Ft/lbs*



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