358 MGP

If your looking for a very efficient round with a lot of punch pushing a 180gr Bullet up to 2500 fps or a 200gr Hornady FTX up to 2400 fps out of a 16.5" barrel and able to take most North American Big Game out to 200 Yards then the 358MGP is it.

Two 5 Shot Groups at 100 yards
Left  .952" is 22.9grs and the Right .352" is 23.0grs of Lil-Gun
200gr Hornady FTX @ 2100FPS

Original Barrel Length and Contour Many other Contours and Lengths Available
From Left to Right :
9mm 115gr FMJ , 9mm Hornady 115gr XTP , .357" Barnes 140gr XPB , .358" Barnes 180gr TTSX , .357" Cast 200gr GC , .358" Hornady 200gr FTX , .358" Speer 250gr Hot-Cor.

*There are two bullets that are not shown
Hornady 180gr SSP , Speer 180gr Hot-Cor*    I will post pics when I receive some.

358 MGP with the Hornady 200gr FTX
  • Uses Standard 6.8 SPC Bolt
  • Custom Hornady Reloading Dies
  • Modified PRI Magazines


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