Forming Brass

                    For the 358 MGP From 6.8 SPC Cases                          
    1. First step is to run the 6.8 SPC case into a 30 Caliber sizing die (I use a LEE 308 Win die with the sizing button located down as far as you can go in the die) this opens the case enough for the second step. *Please do not use any die that the case body is smaller than the 6.8 case an example of that would be a 300 Whisper/Blackout  also do not use a 30 Herrett die as you will push the shoulder back even farther than it is. It is best to use a 308 die*                              
  1. Run the case through the 358 MGP sizing die  (GO SLOW) make sure you use lube I prefer( Redding imperial sizing die wax) it is the best lube you can buy. Only use a little bit !

  2.  The case will look like thisDo Not Trim at this point !!!!

  3. Chamfer and Deburr then load with any load shown on the load data page. 

  4. Fire Form

  5. Resize using 358 MGP Die (Don't forget to use lube)

  6. Trim To 1.630" Chamfer and Deburr       

  7. Your Done !!!!!!













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